Monday, June 22, 2009

Clusters of Collections

I know I've said it before, maybe even on this blog site... I don't have one of anything. I love multiples. I particularly love groupings and clusters of like items or colors. I'm not sure why except that it is pleasing to my eyes.
The softness of the pinks in these multi-era powder boxes is so yummy I had to pile them up. Just looking at them makes me feel more feminine.
I have old photos, some of people I don't know and many of my own family and friends from past years. I love to cluster them in a bowl, in a vintage purse by the guest bed or display them in silk flowers.
Who could get enough buttons or vintage notions? I cannot resist. When I saw this box of vintage buttons in a pretty pink box, when I was at a tag market, I knew they must come home with me to live happily ever after with the hundreds, nay thousands of other buttons I tend.
Nothing is more artful and stimulating to the creative eye than that of un-cut vintage style fabric. The possibilities. The color. The patterns. The age. The visions.
At one time I thought about putting these vintage ornaments here and there. Sprinkling red glow around about... but when I saw their vibrancy in a candy dish I knew they had to stay as a cluster. The are magnificent in their glow.
And while this is not the last of my wonderful collections of clusters, I have to end this blog entry somewhere and what better place than a stack of vintage red books. Clustering a group of old finds lovingly on a worn divan gives comfort just in the sight. Clustering like items allows my collections to not look as though they are mere clutter. (Eye of the beholder!)


Project Junky said...

I think I love the pink powder puff boxes the best!

homespun1 said...

just lovely!!

Anonymous said...

i love the powder boxes!

i am a bit like that with fabric and buttons... you can NEVER have too much tho! lol

Rose XXX

Erin said...

your a woman after my own heart - I love your treasures . . . I gotta get on this whole watch & clock bandwagon - so cool.

Jill said...

Oh I love clustering collections too!! Even very inexpensive items look great in a group!

mizmollye said...

Hi Judy, I stumbled upon your blog and am so glad. I enjoyed your vignettes. Priceless and especially the Dad tribute. He looks like a charmer. I too am drawn to clusters. Is there a name for this malady? Come visit! Mollye

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