Thursday, July 31, 2008

Traditions: Birthday Story

Every year since my girls were born I spend a special moment with them on the eve of their birthday. I tell them the story of the day and events prior to their birth. At the moment the doctor comes in the room to deliver the baby I end the story. At this point the birthday girl usually asks the question, “What happened then?” The next day on their birthday, I finish the story from birth to their first day on earth.

After the girls had heard the story 10-12 times they would help me fill in the blanks. Now that both of my girls are young women (ages 19 & 25); this old mama relies on them to tell most of the story to me then I fill in the blanks. Last year my husband, Greg told them the story; I listened to hear his version. I was surprised and interested to hear the many details I had forgotten or hadn’t picked up on (come to think of it…I was in labor!).

I love this family tradition for so many reasons. The special, quiet time it allows me with my child to celebrate the day they entered our family, remembering all the wonderful people involved in those first couple of days, acknowledging the doctors, nurses and hospitals the girls had and memories of their baby nursery are still present in this ever aging mind of mine.

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