Monday, June 22, 2009

Clusters of Collections

I know I've said it before, maybe even on this blog site... I don't have one of anything. I love multiples. I particularly love groupings and clusters of like items or colors. I'm not sure why except that it is pleasing to my eyes.
The softness of the pinks in these multi-era powder boxes is so yummy I had to pile them up. Just looking at them makes me feel more feminine.
I have old photos, some of people I don't know and many of my own family and friends from past years. I love to cluster them in a bowl, in a vintage purse by the guest bed or display them in silk flowers.
Who could get enough buttons or vintage notions? I cannot resist. When I saw this box of vintage buttons in a pretty pink box, when I was at a tag market, I knew they must come home with me to live happily ever after with the hundreds, nay thousands of other buttons I tend.
Nothing is more artful and stimulating to the creative eye than that of un-cut vintage style fabric. The possibilities. The color. The patterns. The age. The visions.
At one time I thought about putting these vintage ornaments here and there. Sprinkling red glow around about... but when I saw their vibrancy in a candy dish I knew they had to stay as a cluster. The are magnificent in their glow.
And while this is not the last of my wonderful collections of clusters, I have to end this blog entry somewhere and what better place than a stack of vintage red books. Clustering a group of old finds lovingly on a worn divan gives comfort just in the sight. Clustering like items allows my collections to not look as though they are mere clutter. (Eye of the beholder!)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Judy's Garden

My dad's wife, Judy has a knack for whimsy in the garden. You could look for an hour and not see every little nook. I like this type of gardening because I love little surprises. Judy has metal frogs poking out from under terracotta pots & lots of sun catchers hanging from trees.
Molly is one of the garden keepers. Molly and brother, Teddy keep a good eye on the squirrels and butterflies that zip in and out of this special garden.
Flowers are bountiful in San Antonio. How pretty these petunias look in this Mexican birdbath. The airplane plants seem to love the hot, steamy air of Texas.
My favorite little garden watcher is this sweet girl. She curtsies near the corner of the house between aloe and bleeding hearts.
I have been inspired to whimsy up my own garden when I get home!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ditties @ Dad's

I've always said, "I don't have one of anything". Now I know where I get from. My dad has amazing little collections of items, some necessary to his crafts and other just because. Here are some of my favorites.Dad has been a watch smith on & off ever since I can remember dating back to the 1960's. He is a master of so many mechanical crafts. I find out more and more of his abilities every time I visit.

My dad has many little cases of these watch parts in his workshop. Because watch parts are so tiny he sorts them in these compartment cases and then he can find the part he wants quickly. Once he gets parts for a single watch he moves those pieces to their own case and works on them with the tiniest tools under a large swing-arm lit magnifying glass.

Out in the garage my dad has a metal & wood workshop. I love how all the tools are lined up and in their own holder. There is just something about multiples displayed together that appears as art to me.

These tiny tins are used for small parts. I love how my dad has them all stacked up together.

Who doesn't like a box of funky metal thingies?? There are little containers and boxes of interesting twisted metal here and there to spur the curiosity.

I could sit in one are of my dad's many work stations and look for hours. There are stacks & piles of interesting pieces of who knows what and lots of books & magazines with dimensions and numbers to tell you what to do with each piece.
All I know is that I love being around it all and I love being around my Pop.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My Pop

My Pop. An amazing man. Born June 29, 1930 he has witnessed and experienced many things. I knew him as my dad my whole life, began knowing him as a man when I was 18 and then as a friend, mentor and teacher I could not get enough of when I became a mother some 26 years ago.

I've cried on my dad's shoulder, have been held and nursed by him during sickness, advised through all business decision, taught and inspired through his art and loved by his being.

I am typing this from my dad's computer in his museum of an office in the center of his home in San Antonio, TX. I hitched a ride with friends and after four years of geographic distance was able to put my arms around him. I shed tears and held on.

As long as I am allowed to live I will never know all there is about this incredible man and the many lives he has touched. Once things for certain, he has filled my heart with love.

(I love you, Pop!)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spoon Frogs

Each Spring I get very excited about each and every new bloom and blossom in my garden. While my garden is small, it never fails to delight me with wonderful flowers and memorable fragrances.

The blooms beg me not to leave them on their stem – so the only thing to do is cut a few and bring them indoors to enjoy every minute.
Sometimes I use one of the many floral frogs in my collection. But one of my favorite ways to display my posies is with a spoon frog.
I simply take three or four pretty spoons that I have found at tag sales and use them to prop the flowers up. You can turn the spoons up for more support or put the stem of the spoon up. It's sweet spring in a dessert cup! The display is elegant, a nice conversation piece, practical and very inexpensive.
I hope you'll try it.