Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ditties @ Dad's

I've always said, "I don't have one of anything". Now I know where I get from. My dad has amazing little collections of items, some necessary to his crafts and other just because. Here are some of my favorites.Dad has been a watch smith on & off ever since I can remember dating back to the 1960's. He is a master of so many mechanical crafts. I find out more and more of his abilities every time I visit.

My dad has many little cases of these watch parts in his workshop. Because watch parts are so tiny he sorts them in these compartment cases and then he can find the part he wants quickly. Once he gets parts for a single watch he moves those pieces to their own case and works on them with the tiniest tools under a large swing-arm lit magnifying glass.

Out in the garage my dad has a metal & wood workshop. I love how all the tools are lined up and in their own holder. There is just something about multiples displayed together that appears as art to me.

These tiny tins are used for small parts. I love how my dad has them all stacked up together.

Who doesn't like a box of funky metal thingies?? There are little containers and boxes of interesting twisted metal here and there to spur the curiosity.

I could sit in one are of my dad's many work stations and look for hours. There are stacks & piles of interesting pieces of who knows what and lots of books & magazines with dimensions and numbers to tell you what to do with each piece.
All I know is that I love being around it all and I love being around my Pop.

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Vicki K. said...

Ah - what is it about metal tins full of thingys?? It's fun "watching" you marvel over your dad's puttering space.