Monday, June 15, 2009

Judy's Garden

My dad's wife, Judy has a knack for whimsy in the garden. You could look for an hour and not see every little nook. I like this type of gardening because I love little surprises. Judy has metal frogs poking out from under terracotta pots & lots of sun catchers hanging from trees.
Molly is one of the garden keepers. Molly and brother, Teddy keep a good eye on the squirrels and butterflies that zip in and out of this special garden.
Flowers are bountiful in San Antonio. How pretty these petunias look in this Mexican birdbath. The airplane plants seem to love the hot, steamy air of Texas.
My favorite little garden watcher is this sweet girl. She curtsies near the corner of the house between aloe and bleeding hearts.
I have been inspired to whimsy up my own garden when I get home!


Anonymous said...

that is a beautiful garden!

Rose XXX

kim* said...

so pretty :)