Thursday, September 4, 2008

Construction - Week Four

The constant rain this week has halted work on the street. You can see by the photo that my little 'OPEN' sign shines bright in spite of the current demolitions. I'm not going to lie to you, my faithful reader, business has been affected. It's difficult to see that the stores on the construction block are open because your car cannot get close enough to see the signs, but WE ARE OPEN! So, grab your pals and spend the afternoon or 1st Friday together on C-Street. We'll be open until 10:00 pm (September 5th).

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Tammy said...

Maybe a large sandwich board out front with YES, We're open! and then maybe an arrow and simple directions where to park, plus the word SALE. :) Goodness knows this time of year people are busy, but don't we all love a sale. Maybe you could host a local author and have book signings or host an Open House along with the other retailers with refreshments and music and maybe invite the press. Good luck! Keep your spirits up. Hopefully they will be done soon.