Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hanging With My Girl

One of my all time favorite people to hang out with is my 11 month old granddaughter. Every single day she accomplishes something new. Last week she waved at me, kissed me when I asked for a kiss and clapped when I sang "Patty Cake". Yesterday she did the motion (in her own way) for 'roll 'em up & roll 'em up" - the next verse in "P'Cake". I can't wait to see what today holds!


Cathe Holden said...

My brilliant great niece with kissable toes. I'm counting the days until I finally meet her.

Auntie Cathe

chicroses said...

I have an 11 month old granddaughter also. She claps when saying pattycake. Your granddaughter is darling what I can see of her. Will go back and check out your blog more. I also deal in antiques and paint roses on anything that needs repurposed. Just cruising looking at blogs..found yours. Would love to visit your shop. Sally