Friday, October 17, 2008

Back to Blogging!

My sister, Cathe gave me a nice digital camera. I take the camera everywhere - literally. I keep it in my purse with a rubber band around it so the batteries won't come out. I'm such a nut about documenting life; I journal, photograph, collect and draw any time I can. So you can imagine how distraught I was when my camera quit working! I think I have the problem figured out so the blogging will continue.
A wise blogger once told me how important it was to have photographs to go with your blog and I believe she was right. I decided instead of taking a picture of my camera in the mirror that you might enjoy these photographs of older cameras.
I remember how exciting it was to finally pick up your photos after developing them; standing at the counter watching the person in front look through their envelope with delight. Once in awhile I'll find rolls (or sometimes cartridges) of film that I had no idea what pictures were taken but I must have them developed pronto! Thank goodness for the 1-hour service that came along.

The cameras on this page are from the neatest antique store next door to my little Red Books & Chairs. Mr. Eclectic has something from every era and beautifully displayed.
I'll be posting construction updates soon - so check back!

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