Saturday, October 18, 2008

Construction - Week Ten

The little wicker chair is in front of my door;
this view shows Eclectic (with the OPEN sign to draw attention
down the street where it's blocked off) and further down is Fusion Glass Studio.

As you can see, the revitalization is coming right along. We now have extended sidewalks, garden areas and a lovely crosswalk made to resemble cobblestone.

Each place on the sidewalk where an orange cone is will soon be a light post that is fashioned historically. I will have one right in front of my store which will wonderful for late night shoppers.

My orange cone needed a Halloween flair so I glued a black felt jack-o-lantern on it. It gets a bit of attention from passer-by's.
The street will be paved once the entire project is completed. What a great day that will be! The street in front of Red Books & Chairs is currently open while the crew works on the other end of the street so you can park close - you'll just have to u-turn to get out.

See you soon!

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