Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Craft Show!

One thing I love is to see someone's expression of talents and gifts in their craft. Next week Red Books & Chairs will have a traveling store at the Asbury Fall Craft Sale. But you never have to wait for an organized craft sale to get true one of a kind, unique items. Red Books & Chairs is always looking for items to showcase from crafters.

Gone are the goofy souvenier-type crafts. Today's crafters know that there is a need and desire to have items made by hand. Those that purchase these items do so for more than their practical use but also because they are true works of art.

This Christmas stocking is made of vintage kitchen linen, vintage satin & cording and embellished with a beautiful vintage string of pearls. A gift that would delight any recipient.

What child wouldn't love these adorable, hand-knitted caps from Katie's Kids? Each hat is completely different by style and yarn. RB&C carries Katie's Boys, Katie's Girls, Katie's Guys, Katie's Gals and Katie's Caps; something for every size and style.
Vintage, cottage & retro baby bibbies, burpies, lappies, and blankies are an RB&C original. Vintage, cottage and retro fabrics and inspiration create these adorable baby items in both boy and girl fabrics.

These beautiful sachets are so wonderful. Each sachet is made from a lovely vintage hankerchief filled with the most fragrant lavendar. Sunflower Harvest owner grows her own lavendar and hunts for the most amazing ribbons to tie it all up. These are perfect for stocking stuffers, new mama's, brides and a wonderful 'get well' surprise.
Snoozies are also made right here in the Ozarks. These amazing neck rolls are made of the most comfortable fabrics and filled with a neck molding fiber. The size is perfect for the back of your neck and babies love snuggling up to them. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and fabrics.

Cottage Sue makes these delicate floral arrangements using narrow neck vaces, vintage fabric pieces, vibrant colored posies and a vintage broach to bring it all together. This is a popular gift idea whether for a friend or a gift to self!
If you've read previous blogs of mine, you know how much I love to sew. These pin cushions are sure to delight the most experienced seamstress to the novice mender. Each made of fabric from years ago, embellished with vintage buttons and notions. So pretty to look at and nice to hold.

This is the season for craft sales, shows & festivals. Get out and see what local artists have to offer. Remember to come by the store for great handmade gifts and visit us at the Asbury Craft Sale located at 1500 S. Campbell, Springfield, MO, November 1st from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Construction - Week Ten

The little wicker chair is in front of my door;
this view shows Eclectic (with the OPEN sign to draw attention
down the street where it's blocked off) and further down is Fusion Glass Studio.

As you can see, the revitalization is coming right along. We now have extended sidewalks, garden areas and a lovely crosswalk made to resemble cobblestone.

Each place on the sidewalk where an orange cone is will soon be a light post that is fashioned historically. I will have one right in front of my store which will wonderful for late night shoppers.

My orange cone needed a Halloween flair so I glued a black felt jack-o-lantern on it. It gets a bit of attention from passer-by's.
The street will be paved once the entire project is completed. What a great day that will be! The street in front of Red Books & Chairs is currently open while the crew works on the other end of the street so you can park close - you'll just have to u-turn to get out.

See you soon!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Back to Blogging!

My sister, Cathe gave me a nice digital camera. I take the camera everywhere - literally. I keep it in my purse with a rubber band around it so the batteries won't come out. I'm such a nut about documenting life; I journal, photograph, collect and draw any time I can. So you can imagine how distraught I was when my camera quit working! I think I have the problem figured out so the blogging will continue.
A wise blogger once told me how important it was to have photographs to go with your blog and I believe she was right. I decided instead of taking a picture of my camera in the mirror that you might enjoy these photographs of older cameras.
I remember how exciting it was to finally pick up your photos after developing them; standing at the counter watching the person in front look through their envelope with delight. Once in awhile I'll find rolls (or sometimes cartridges) of film that I had no idea what pictures were taken but I must have them developed pronto! Thank goodness for the 1-hour service that came along.

The cameras on this page are from the neatest antique store next door to my little Red Books & Chairs. Mr. Eclectic has something from every era and beautifully displayed.
I'll be posting construction updates soon - so check back!