Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What Are You Waiting For?

Each year around this time, most people set a New Year's Resolution. Those little somethings we've been meaning to take care of and keep putting off until the new year.

All year we collect and push our goals until the all mighty January rolls around. I'm the worst! I have never been good at a New Year's Resolution. Now that I think about it; I'm not so sure I've been good at a resolution at any time of the year. Maybe it's the fear of failure, humiliation, self (or other's) disappointment. I honestly can't say.

A few months ago while thinking out loud about something I wanted, a friend piped in and asked, "What are you waiting for?" I'm not sure she really intended to get an answer but those words resonated in my head. What
AM I waiting for? The stars to finally align, the Farmer's Almanac to give a hint, a burning bush perhaps? Truth is...I'm waiting for courage.

Trusting yourself is difficult when the territory is unchartered. Oh, I know. That's the excitement, the risk, the thrill of it all. But somehow, more often than not, the lack of self trust wins out.

Not this year! What's different? That little voice that kept whispering, "What are you waiting for?" is now starting to shout.

I already have used it to do cleaning that I put off until the proverbial Spring. I quit waiting to purchase healthy foods since they are located right next to the other kind. I have begun to put things I want to do ahead of things that I feel should be done (I'm sewing more!). I hope the list will continue to those things that take self trust and courage.

So, if you struggle with a resolution and need changes in your life then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

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tstreasures said...

Great post. Too often people put off doing things they want to and then something happens that they are then unable to.