Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Felt Valentine Pin

This little Valentine pin is just right for your blouse, as a package trim or to pin on a pillow. It measures approximately 2.5" x 3.5". Below are my supplies and instructions. A friend told me one time that my perfectionism gets in the way of my creativity. I remembered that when making this little guy; you'll notice the quirks & character in the uneven stitches and placement. She was right, what only took about 30 minutes to make could have taken me hours if I had been concerned with it being perfect. The end result is still cute!

felt scraps
embroidery thread
scissors (fabric, paper, nippers)
straight pins (just a couple will do)
small safety pin
template board (I use cereal boxes for templates)
pen (I used a Sharpie)
chalk or marking for felt
Draw your pattern on the back of the cereal box. I used a fat Sharpie so I could see it well. I highlighted the pieces in pink so you could see them better. I didn't know there would be a game on the inside!
Assemble your pattern and supplies. Trace the pattern onto your felt using a soft writing tool or chalk. Cut out your pieces. Now, you are ready to begin!
I blanket-stitched around one heart (front). You can use any stitch you like. I sewed little dots in fun colors on the front. You could also sew beads, sequence, or dingle balls on. Set this piece aside for a bit.
Grab the other heart and sew the little safety pin on it.

Sew a border around the scalloped edged heart. I just did a straight stitch. Take the back piece that you put the safety pin on and sew it to the back of the scalloped edged heart. I used a black thread so it would show nicely on the front side.
I simply sewed the front heart right down the middle so it would have some dimension. And there you go! A felt Valentine pin.


Cathe Holden said...

Love that bit about perfection. I've got to remember that more. Love the darling pin. So sweet.

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Oh MY!~~~How gosh darn CUTE!!!! Clever girl!~~~XXOO, Beth

Jennifer said...

E - I loved your pin cushions in Romantic Homes!! Congrats! I was reading my March issue and saw the photo and thought, "hmmm...that looks like Elizabeth Holcombes art". When I saw the credits I was so excited! You are amazing!!!
(Thanks for reading my blog)