Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hidden Treasures - Little Surprises!

Throughout my home, I have little treasures and surprises hidden here & there. This photo is of a bird house my dad and I made together (actually, he did nearly every part of of the bird house and I tailgated). The rest of the stack is a pile of vintage jewelry boxes. Inside are lots of wonderful buttons laying on a bed of amber velvet.

This little tin medicine cabinet hangs in my powder room. When you turn the right side wooden knob a little mechanical slide allows the doors to open. Inside is delightful.

In this photo you can see my chunky little pitcher, a collapsible tin cup, little Miss Beauty and a wonderful pink box.

The second shelf has just as many goodies. I love this kitten, it reminds me of the same molded plaster kitten my sister, Shelly painted grey when we were kids. She had a grey cat named Mitten. Aren't these little baskets wonderful? And, just as you suspected, there is a treasure inside the little present box. When you come and visit my home, feel free to look inside!
I hope this has inspired you to tuck treasures & surprises around your home!


Cathe Holden said...

Hey, I'm looking in the box when I visit this Spring! I remember the grey ceramic kitten Shelly painted and I'll never forget Mitten.

Your sis.

Project Junky said...

Here is the verse I was reading RIGHT before I clicked over and read your blog:
Exo 19:5 Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations you will be my treasured possession. Although the whole earth is mine

Of course I had to look up "treasured" in my 1828 Webster's and he defines it as "hoarded...saved back for future use."

I think your blog is a great illustration not only of how He treasures us but also of the treasure He has hidden from us that He has yet to reveal as we seek Him.

Jennifer said...

C'Holden & P'Junky...I just love you two! Thanks for the sweets!