Thursday, March 26, 2009

25% Off!

Last Saturday, I worked at the store until midnight. I was pulling all my displays apart; putting like items in areas around the store. I put all shutters up front, lamps on the stair case, dishes on the front display, linens on the vintage bed, etc.

If you’ve been to my store you know that I like to display rather than warehouse items so while this rearranging is probably helpful to those looking for something specific, it’s awkward for me to look at. The store is no longer like walking through my favorite magazine.

So after I left last Saturday I was happy with my progress knowing that the next day I would be having a private sale for business owners only. I got to the store around 11:30 Sunday morning with anticipation. I had the best helpers (Ginger, Phyllis, Tiffany, Marla & my Elizabeth) on hand to help. The sale was from 1:00 – 5:00 pm and would you believe there were a couple of people waiting at the door when I opened? This was a very hopeful site!

By 2:30 the ‘crowd’ was gone and for the next two and a half hours I piddled around the store and read my newest Romantic Homes.

Wednesday I opened the door with a 25% off sale and was flooded! Many regular customers came in to get some goodies and give sweet hugs. So now, until March 30th you too can get 25% off everything in the store (except fixtures/displays marked).

My life pages are turning slowly from one to another and I have to admit, it turns with some sorrow. I am, however, keeping a little list of things I want to do after the new page begins the next chapter. Here are some examples:
Sleep in on Saturdays
Walk around the square and C-Street visiting all the stores (their open hours are the same as mine at RB&C so I haven’t been able to visit)
Write, write, write (including more blogging)
Sew, sew, sew (& put on Etsy)
Visit my mom in Arkansas
Babysit my grandbaby more
See more of my family
The list will continue to grow I’m sure.

I hope to see you soon!


Tu et Moi: Amour et Tranquillite said...

I hope that I can come visit you at the store soon!
Yay for Etsy! You make the cutest little things! Keep us all updated on your Etsy items when you put them up! I'm thinking of doing Etsy soon as well. :)
See you soon!

Shawn-Weston McLaughlin said...

You know... There's a giant chapter in my short life (only 24 years, so far) in which RB&C is almost a character of its own. It came with some great friends and such, but the store itself always seemed to be there during the pivotal points during the past couple of years. When I moved into my first place, it was there. When I met the love of my life, it was there. When I got engaged, it was there. When we broke up, it was there... and it showed me that there are things that stay consistent through life, even after they seem to move on.

During the rough times, now, I can think back and remember Jen and the store (and the ever-ready cup of coffee), and it makes me smile to know that there are people in my life that care and are reliable.


Jennifer said...


Project Junky said...

I didn't realize how hard it would be to see those pictures. I can't bear to see the cuteness that was there from the beginning still waiting for an owner to snatch it up and make it part of their home. I am praying for you in this transition. Add to list: Visit S**** in Iowa.

kim* said...

looks like a good ol time!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Jennifer, what a great shop! I wish I lived near there, it would surely become a favorite. Thanks for all the great photos.
xo Lidy