Saturday, March 21, 2009

Turn the Page

Opening day @ RB&C

What if you took each opportunity, walked through every open door, accepted every gift, entertained risks, relied on faith? Would you have disappointments, failures, losses or finales? Yes. But if you are true in your intent, don’t manipulate others and rely on God’s direction it will be worth it with blessings to boot.

Red Books & Chairs has been a life long dream since I was a little child. I would clip pictures from magazines and make drawings of what I hoped it would be like. The passion for a vintage cottage store has always been with me and in 2006 it became a reality – a dream come true.

The financial risk, the unending tick of the watch, the unexpected business details, the friendships built are all bi-products of plunging into a dream.

When a person has even one single day to live their dream it is a memory never forgotten. Now, two and a half years after Red Books & Chairs opened it is time to turn the page to another adventure. Although nearly every adventure is not without grim & glee, the experience and memories make each new page of life worth exploring.

Many of you have become dear friends and I will certainly miss seeing you each month on your visits to C-Street, but have no fear! I will be active on-line and at local shows. If you receive my monthly e-newsletter you will still be notified when I am out in the public showcasing my new creations. And of course you know you can find me each 1st Friday right here shopping my favorite stores on C-Street!
There will always be a bookmark in my life at the pages of Red Books & Chairs.

Keep checking my blog as I detail how the closing of RB&C progresses through April.

Hope to see you soon!


Brandie said...

this is your friend, Brandie, who is now in Colorado. i am so sorry to hear that you are going to be closing; i'm sure that was a difficult decision. i dearly hope that it is the right and best one for you and your family! i plan to be in town next week and will try to stop in to see you again....and your lovely store.

Tamara said...

Jennifer, We'll be in to shop your sale!
My daughter and I love and admire your vintage cottage and your style. God's richest blessings upon you as you seek Him! When He turns a page, He gives more adventures that await as you journey on the pages ahead. You are an inspiration in what I'm sure is a most difficult time! His love that lives in you shines and has touched our hearts! I'll pray for a miracle because you already have His grace; it pours from your heart onto your written word.

Jennifer said...

What lovely thoughts, thank you.

Brenda Tyler said...

Jen, Your high school girls have been planning a C-street visit next month...May have to make that sooner. God has blessed you girl - your talent is abundant. I will keep you in my prayers!

Hayley said...

I was out junking and thought of you today, thought of popping over there one day this week while I'm off on Spring Break. I hadn't blogged in a while and finally got online tonight to do a little and catch up on my reading and saw your news. I know you're off to new creative adventures and I look forward to tracking what you do on your blog. I just love your style. Best wishes.

Tu et Moi: Amour et Tranquillite said...

RB&C has been one of my favorite stores, ever since I discovered it. I'm so glad we met, and that you were able to share such beautiful and crafty pieces with all of us. You are such a sincere person, from the few times I've talked with you. I wish you the best with all of your future plans! I will have to come and visit soon before the closing and before I move away to Cali!

Ann said...

Jen, You have been an inspiration and friend! You graciously welcome each visitor into your lovely store as if you're welcoming friends into your home. You have touched many lives and we are all the better because of you. May God continue to Bless you on your new adventure! Best wishes!