Wednesday, May 20, 2009

When the Dust Settles

Since April 30th, I have been transitioning to life outside my brick-n-mortar Red Books & Chairs. The final days were literally packed with activity including a final 80% reduction sale, organizing non-profit charity pick ups, coordinating trash pick up (funny how much stuff a junker accumulates with a 'project' in mind), endless vacuuming and an overall dusting of the permanent fixtures.
A final turn of the key, a turn about like a guard at Buckingham Palace, no glance back; no taunt to my fragile emotional state. Off I traveled to the next page which came quick.
Everything has happened so fast with not a moment to ponder so with that, not a minute to miss.
The past couple of weeks have been spent painting, organizing and last night...setting up internet with the help of my techno daughter and a friend (yes, both from the technology generation!). So, now I look forward to digging in to start my home studio and produce hand mades to my heart's content.
Still no sadness for the finale of my B&M. I haven't been back to see the empty building standing, waiting for someone with a dream to fill it with the spirit of God's gifts. I look forward to seeing who gets the dust stirring again in that old historic building!


vintage at heart said...

Here's to a bright new adventure and all life's amazing paths!!!

Project Junky said...

Can't wait to see what you create! Love that you have internet at home!

Polo Chairs said...
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