Saturday, January 24, 2009

Prayer Pins

I've always loved pins and brooches. I have little boxes of them tucked in my top dresser drawer, pinned on other lovelies and here, in a beautiful hobnail candy dish. Can you see the cute little Avon girl? Her face opens and there is perfume inside. My mom gave my sisters and I each one of these pins when we were little girls. She always makes me smile when I open the candy dish to grab a brooch.

Pins and brooches are more than an accessory to me. In my busy day, I hate to admit it, but I often times forget to pray. I use these beauties to remind me to pray for a specific person. If someone is going through a tough time or I'm just so thankful that person is in my life; I'll don the pin or brooch I associate with that person. Every time someone comments on the pin, I see it reflected in a mirror or I brush my had against it, it reminds me to lift my special person up in prayer.


When you see me wearing
this beautiful booch,
I am praying for my sister,
Cathe and her family.

My dear, sweet friend,
Sue gave me this wonderful pin.
I pray for her everytime I wear it.
It's such a delicate rose.

This is my 'Rose' brooch.
Whenever I wear this sweetness,
I am praying for my dear friend, Rose.


playswithclay said...

Hi-I had one of those little girl perfume lockets, too. It was in my stocking one Christmas many moons ago. Thanks for the memory!

BonTons said...

What a lovely way to remember friends and loved ones

Angelia said...

I have a nice collections of broches, they have been packed up since we moved. Thanks for reminging me to get them out and all the memories.

marysworkshop said...

Your article makes me wonder about the gifts we give to our friends and loved ones. Do they remember and pray for us each time they look at or use our gifts?

Thanks for such a lovely perspective.

Hayley said...

I enjoyed visiting with you at the store today and I really appreciate your kind comment on my blog. I just posted a picture of the sweet little mama kitty I bought! I also looked back over all your other posts and I love all the sweet traditions you share with your girls.

Jennifer said...

marysworkshop - I was just thinking today (as I grabbed a coffee cup that a friend gave me), that I try to pray for the person that the coffee cup I'm using for my morning joe. Today was a lovely, light blue mug with a sweet bird and nest on it. I prayed for my mom - she gave me this cup. I pray for Erin when I drink out of the super cool thrown pottery mug she gave me with homemade spice tea!

Hayley - Thanks for your kind sentiments!

Every piece of junk is someone's memory. said...

Love and compassion in a brooh. When I touch and feel my stash, I can still feel the stories of previous owners (or just pretend a story!). Never thought of it as a prayer reminder. How fabulous! Enjoy reading your blog!