Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spoon Frogs

Each Spring I get very excited about each and every new bloom and blossom in my garden. While my garden is small, it never fails to delight me with wonderful flowers and memorable fragrances.

The blooms beg me not to leave them on their stem – so the only thing to do is cut a few and bring them indoors to enjoy every minute.
Sometimes I use one of the many floral frogs in my collection. But one of my favorite ways to display my posies is with a spoon frog.
I simply take three or four pretty spoons that I have found at tag sales and use them to prop the flowers up. You can turn the spoons up for more support or put the stem of the spoon up. It's sweet spring in a dessert cup! The display is elegant, a nice conversation piece, practical and very inexpensive.
I hope you'll try it.


homespun1 said...

What a creative and darling idea..I'll give this one a try soon.
Thanks for sharing..drop in sometime and see my little corner of the world and leave a comment.

JAS-- said...

I would never have thought of that! Good idea.

nesi sk said...

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