Thursday, August 14, 2008

Construction: Week One

Great News - New Opportunities

Great News: Historic Commercial Street is in Phase II of the revitalization and it's going on right before my eyes. Construction workers are hard at work digging up old plumbing, street scape, light poles and sidewalks to make way for beautiful replacements with a historic flair.

New Opportunities: The street will be completly torn up from August to mid-November this year (2008). This means that customers that have been use to pulling right in to a store front parking space will now need to park south of C-Street on Blaine in one of the public lots and walk to Red Books & Chairs.
This creates new opportunities for both store owners and customers. Customers will hopefully walk past stores they may not have noticed in the past. Merchants are looking to new and creative ways to showcase their stores.

Several neighboring stores and businesses to the east of the revitalization are hanging signs in their windows indicating the the west end is still open for business as well as allowing stores affected by the construction to put items in their stores for advertising. WOW! What a great community.


erinberry said...

I love to see downtown areas being revitalized! Thanks for sharing.

Kendra said...

Your store is soooo awesome!! My friend and I came in on Friday afternoon and were so excited to see a place that was filled with all of the oddities of life that we love so much!!!

-Kendra Miller