Thursday, August 21, 2008

Construction: Week Two

Since Red Books & Chairs opens mid-week (Wed - Sat); I've been arriving to the store with surprises each week. I park behind the row of buildings that my store is located in. Since I only have a back dock door I cut through my pal, Erin's glass studio (Fusion). I walked out of her building yesterday onto NO sidewalk. Maybe you can tell by the pictures that there is chat where sidewalk use to be then a drop off. I haven't seen the C-crew (Construction crew) for a couple of days. Maybe they're resting up to get it all done next week!

C-Street Revitalization in Progress


After His Heart said...

WHAT? B-Rays is gone?

Jennifer said...

Yes, B-Ray's Barber Shop moved. You'll be excited to know that Mr. Eclectic moved in. He has incredible antiques from every era.