Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Writing: Letters from Mom

In the era of text messages and email, it's such a delight when you receive a hand-written letter in the mailbox from someone. My mom is the most consistent and I never grow content by receiving her letters; I always look for the next.

My mom writes a little ditty about her week, upcoming events, the deal of the day at the Bargain Box (only the best thrift store in southern AR), updates on her community and sweet words like, "Have a great week!" or "I'm praying for you".

She always sends a magazine article (this last one was on Paula Deen); a snipped out cartoon of the Lockhorns, often times with Leroy or Loretta's name crossed out and mine or my husband, Greg's name written above. And always, without fail, a coupon for either coffee or toilet paper (only in the brands I love; Folgers and Cottonelle).

Always a treat. Always read with anticipation. And a quiet time and place where I can enjoy every second of the thoughtfulness it took for her to send the goodies to me.

If you long for a handwritten note; simply email me your home address and I will send you a little note, or better yet, maybe my mom will! There's a catch...when you receive it and you have read it, you must commit to handwriting someone else a note and send it the old fashion way - US Postal. If this gets crazy and the entire world asks me to send them a hand written note I may have to put the pen down and put the carpel tunnel glove on; I'll keep you posted.

Hint: Elderly, children, new mothers, dads and volunteers love to get notes...hmmm...that's just about everyone.

Note: Please put in the email subject line: SEND ME A HANDWRITTEN NOTE
I will not give your address out or send you other Red Books & Chairs information unless you tell me in your note it's okay. I'm not a spam pusher!

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After His Heart said...

I always look forward to your handwritten notes. You always make me feel so special with your beautiful handwriting and paper picked just for me.