Thursday, August 14, 2008

Traditions: Crocheting

Crocheting & knitting
isn't the same as Ford or Chevy or voting Democrat or Republican -you can like both.

My mom taught me to crochet shortly after my grandmother had shown me how to knit. I was so attracted to the wonderful colors of yarn and felt it was a bonus that crocheting only used one needle, the crochet hook. I still can't hold my crochet hook like my mom. She holds hers delicately like an artist would hold a paintbrush; I hold mine like I'm going to core an apple. Have you ever seen a Hawaiian hula girl's hands during her dance; elegant, graceful and moving constantly? That's what it looks like when my mom wraps the yarn around her left hand when crocheting. A true sight to behold. Me? Let's just say both hands and legs are involved when I crochet.

My mom always created the most amazing afghans. She is famous in our family for her granny-squares. As a matter of fact, my mom still crochets afghans, only now they aren't just for family members but for Veterans. This only adds to my pride in her.

I started an afghan and it quickly became a scarf. Again, like knitting, I still crochet AND enjoy it but only for the memories and the great feeling it gives me.

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