Thursday, August 14, 2008

Traditions: Knitting

The needles were my grandma Nettie's, the vintage bag is from my dear friend, Sue.

I learned to knit from my grandma Nettie. I don't remember much about what she created; I just remember us knitting. We would be completely intertwined on the sofa; her arms around mine and her hands shadowing mine. I was around 8 years old when she began teaching me. Her soft skin felt like aged velvet; I bet that's why vintage velvet is one of my favorite fabrics.

The patience it must have taken to teach a young girl to knit had to be tremendous. However, now that I am a grandma myself I can see where it may have seemed like a privilege to spend such tender time with her granddaughter. Knitting and pearling were very challenging but casting on was a breeze! I still like casting on. I am not a great knitter, not even a good knitter but I still dink around with it because I don't want to forget how it feels.

My daughter, Stephenie can knit beautifully. She didn't learn from me; my knitting is still at the 8 year old level. I started a nice cotton washcloth for my mom about two years ago; I hope to have it finished by next Spring...I'll keep you posted!

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After His Heart said...

This makes me anxious for snowy days here in Iowa when there is nothing I can do but sit and knit!